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NEXT LEVEL CUSTOM LANDSCAPE GROUP LLC was formed in October 2009. Our mission is to operate at a professional and proficient level, to benefit both the company and the client. Client satisfaction is our top priority and we always make sure that happens. NEXT LEVEL CUSTOM LANDSCAPE GROUP LLC provides a wide range of services including tree removal, French drains, retaining walls, sod installation, and all different types of ground cover, including pine straw, mulch, rocks, and plants/ trees, as well as annual lawn maintenance. 

The company is owned soley by Justin Misenheimer, who has had a total of 10 years of professional landscape/ tree removal experience. NEXT LEVEL CUSTOM LANDSCAPE GROUP LLC  is currently operating mostly in the metro Atlanta area, but is also expanding towards South Georgia. The company serves both residential and commercial clients and provides year round services to keep properties in prestiges condition. ​


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